Hi! I’m a fourth year undergraduate at University College London, and will be until June 2012 (this sentence will shortly be out of date, and I’ll probably forget to change it, so use the information in the rest of this page and your logical mind to work out what I’m actually doing now). After completing this degree, I should hopefully be moving on to start a PhD course at UCL in the autumn.

I’ve completed work on my master’s project on Coastally Trapped Waves just recently, which is a fairly descriptive title, except that you’re probably imagining waves that crash onto a shoreline and ones you can surf on… those are the wrong waves.

On top of all this incredibly fun maths I do, in my spare time I also make terrible music for fun! I’m involved in the UCLU Bongos?! World Music society which puts on shows regularly and anyone reading this page should definitely come along to one of our many shows.

I work a lot with Adam Townsend to make beautifully typeset notes for university courses both for personal use and professionally.